I’ve been fortunate in my life to be surrounded by many hardworking and selfless people: those who put family first and help their neighbors, all while dedicating themselves to the trades, business, education, and agriculture. I’ve inherited several views through wisdom shared by many of you on what is best for our community, state, and country. It was with those beliefs and dreams in mind that I accepted the nomination to run for and WON the office of State Representative in Jefferson County, District 97 in the February special election.

It was not an easy task going door-to-door in the cold winter months, but with the help of people generous with both their time and donations, we accomplished what many thought impossible.  Despite having just been sworn into office on February 26th, I must run for re-election and a full term in November. With your support, I want to continue to fight for other hardworking Missourians in Jefferson City. Please read more on our website about my background and the issues we share. If you have any questions please contact me. Then I would kindly ask for you to consider a donation or volunteering to help my re-election campaign.  Together we can put people before politics in Jefferson City. Thank you!


Mike Revis

Putting People Before Politics