Support Public Education:

Missouri has been robbing our public schools of public tax dollars to give money to private for-profit charter schools. This hurts our kids in our districts and drives up property taxes.

Defend the Rights of Working People:

Right-to-Work is a 60-year old bad idea, pushed by big corporations to lower wages. When it was passed by the Missouri General Assembly, I felt the call to take action and run for office. This constant assault on the rights of working men and women is funded by just a few multi-millionaires who buy influence with elected officials.

Stand with Our First Responders & Veterans:

Our police, deputies, firefighters and EMTs deserve to know we have their backs and support them in protecting our communities. I will also always support the mission of our men and women in uniform and honor our veterans.

Oppose Cuts to Healthcare & Senior Services:

I’m angry that our elected representatives allowed the Governor to cut Medicaid to 8,000 handicapped and older Missourians.  We are better people than that and deserve better representatives who will opposed cuts to healthcare and services for seniors.

Attract More Quality Jobs for Missouri:

We must promote Missouri as a great place for innovation, to relocate an existing industry or business, and encourage new business start-ups. We must inspire and support those with dreams of starting a business of their own and teach our young people how to become entrepreneurs.